Saturday, April 14, 2007

National Birthday Week

Wednesday was my birthday! (Just thought I'd let you know.)

It was fun.

National Birthday Week is a family tradition at our house, but even so this birthday went way beyond the bounds of custom.

Over the course of a week I had shrimp and lobster, and shoes, and shopping, and clothing, and (extra-loving) household help, and quiche, and cake, and ice cream, and singing, and earrings, and coffee, cards, and books, and visits, and phone calls, and emails, and love, and love, and love...

It was a good week to be me.

And in the course of (the same) week our family had:

1 violin adjudication (she got a Superior)
2 constructive cases to write for debate
2 day-long meetings with corporate bigwigs
2 speeches to work on (one was Mr. Honey's for work)
1 Girl Scout Bronze Award work evening

A very full and exciting week! I'm glad not all weeks are this work-full, though. I can't wait for summer.


Javamom said...

I would have baked you a cake or brownies for book club! I wish...

anyway, have a blessed year, and happy belated birthday!!



Mother Auma said...

Thanks, Javamom! The discussion last night was enough of a treat for me. Just what I needed. ;o)