Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I am really not a big fan of dirty laundry. Actually, clothing of any kind not actually in drawers, hanging in closets, or being worn, inspires a slight dread in my mind, a nagging guilt in my conscience.

Sunday I was talking with a dear sister in Christ about laundry. She has the same size utility room as I do, and I asked her if she ever had trouble with the laundry overflowing its bounds and covering the floor of the room (this is a frequent challenge at our house). She said she did have that problem, and when it happens, she simply steps over the pile to get to the garage. I have been looking for new ways to organize the laundry room so it isn't such a mess when the piles get big, and asked my friend if she had any suggestions. She said she didn't, but that it was temporary.


She said the problem of overflowing laundry was a temporary one. She remarked that she had relatives with the same size utility room as she and I each have, and their utility room is always organized and the laundry caught up-- because there are only two people in their household! Eventually my friend and her husband and Mr. Honey and I will have beautifully tidy utility rooms and caught up laundry also-- when the children leave home.


At first I thought, that's a long definition of temporary!! Then I saw the truth of the statement, and realized my vision is too small. I look at the laundry and see lots of work for today, and I need to make the kids help, and I am a bad mother if no one can find any jeans to wear. She looks at the laundry and sees that when the laundry is no longer a big chore, it will be because the children are grown and out of the house.


G.L.H. said...

Yes, ma'am, it's true. Six of my eight are "out of the nest," (two left at home) and I am In Control of the laundry. Three loads twice a week, plus sheets. That's it.

sigh. Miss those days of riffling through piles to get a pair of jeans for the day. Enjoy "wherever you are" in life!

athenainaminivan said...

Laundry, the bane of my existance!! IT overflows many rooms and not too many drawers. I love summer as we stay in swimsuits and the boys sleep in Y-fronts. Maybe I can catch up then. I had the winter clothes done when March decided to stick around awhile.

I so loved meeting IRL. You are such a lovely lady!!

Ginger said...

I only wash mine and my hubby's laundry. The kids do their own.
If I have to step over my own laundry, I'm a lot more patient with it. :D
I got this tip somewhere and I love it: read to the kids while they fold their laundry. We do this 3x a week. They stay focused and I can kick up my heels and read!