Monday, April 09, 2007

A Milestone

Cornflower lost her first tooth today.

She has had a grown-up tooth coming in crooked, behind one of her front bottom teeth, for a few weeks now, although the baby tooth was not at all loose. Today the dentist pulled the baby tooth.

He was very clever. We were in there on other business, and I just asked him to look at it spur-of-the-moment. When he saw it, he agreed that it needed to come out, and asked if we wanted to make an appointment or have it pulled today. I said today.

We have a wonderful dentist, and the kids have always enjoyed-- nay, looked forward with eager anticipation to-- visiting the dentist. This is so important to me, because I never liked going to the dentist until we were blessed to find this wonderful family dentistry staff six years ago. Well, I was a little worried today (although I didn't think I was showing it) because I could see that this visit could easily turn the tide of Cornflower's fondness for dental visits, and I really didn't want that to happen.

But I should have known better. Dr. Rossen is such a pro. He visited with Cornflower about sleepy juice that would make her tooth and lip go to sleep, engaging her in banter as the anesthetic worked its way in. He showed her the tool he would use, and how he was going to use it. He pulled her tooth while showing her how the tool worked, and she never even noticed. He then asked if Cornflower thought we should pull the tooth today or wait. Cornflower said to wait, and Dr. Rossen said, "Really? But I've already pulled it!" Cornflower thought that was a big joke. She didn't believe him. He had to show her the tooth!


I was relieved and thought the visit was a big success. One of the dental assistants told me, "She got an A+, Mom-- but you got an F! You looked so worried!" I didn't even know that! I was really stressing about whether Cornflower would still enjoy dental visits, and it must have shown on my face!

Cornflower called her daddy and her Goggy to tell them about her tooth. (She thought Goggy would be disappointed because he had planned to pull the tooth when it got a little looser.) We went to Sonic for celebratory ice cream (the residual effects of the anesthetic prompting Cornflower to remark, "Mom, my lip feels like it has tape on it!"), and then went home.

She is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight, and has planned accordingly: her tooth, in its little plastic box; a cookie in a ziploc bag; and a note, are all hidden under her pillow.

And she gave me the pink carnation she got from the dentist office.

:warm fuzzy:

I like this job.

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