Thursday, April 12, 2007

How I Find Time To Blog

A friend asked me today how I have time for blogging and reading blogs, and I thought my eight readers might be interested in knowing how blogging works at my house. So here is my reply.

Sleep is what gives, lol!! (And some household projects.)

Um... the kids help me a lot with housework, and I also do housework while they do schoolwork, in between helping them. So I tend to have an hour or so in the evening where they are occupied with their sisterly pretend games and Mr. Honey is doing paperwork. When I am not planning school stuff or helping the kids with a project, blogging and reading posts/articles actually fills up a little bit of loneliness that might otherwise be spent watching TV or reading. (I could probably be catching up on reading the kids' schoolbooks during this time, and I do that too, but sometimes I just need to get away from the obligatory reading-so-I-can-be-responsible. It wears me out.)

As for blogging itself, I only blog when I have something to say that is screaming to get out, and then the words come so fast that it doesn't take very long. I read through the post a couple of times before I post it, but other than that I do not save as draft and rewrite like some other bloggers. (I just don't have time, and blogging is not my main work, so folks are just going to have to suffer with stream of consciousness posts. I try to be organized in my thoughts from the beginning so the posts aren't too hard to follow.)

And sometimes I get distracted and mess myself up and wonder where all the time went in the day, and it is because I was checking emails and blogs too much. Then I have to turn the computer off for a couple of hours or a day, and remember how to exist without up-to-the-minute information. ;o)

(I forgot to add that I also use a feed to read other folks' blogs, and that is *such* a timesaver. I can read posts from dozens of different blogs all on the same web page and don't have to wait for all the graphics and things to load. Another way this helps is that I don't have to go all over checking to see who has a new post. The blogs with posts I haven't read are in bold when I pull up my feed. I use Bloglines.)


wahoo92 said...

Congratulations. You now have nine readers! I am new to the blogosphere and found yours listed on a ?blogroll? of AO users through ambleramble. I love it. Good luck with the blog awards.


Mother Auma said...

Thank you, Sarah! I'm pleased to have another reader.

Willa said...

I am subbed to your blog on Google Reader so I'm not sure if you would see it from there. Though my visits probably show up on Sitemeter. Just thought I would let you know since there may be a few more Google feed subs out there.

Mother Auma said...

Good point, Willa. I have eight subscribers on Bloglines, and there are probably other regular readers that I am not accounting for.

(I misplaced my sitemeter around a month ago, and am still looking for it. I have just emailed the Sitemeter folks for help. :o)