Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Handicrafts: Yarn, Hot Glue and Fabric Markers

Aravis made this costume out of yarn, hot glue and fabric markers. It took her 7 months to complete!  Do you recognize her Cats character?  (Hint:  she is wearing pearls instead of a collar.)

For the past month, she has helped her sisters make costumes as well. She says they did most of the work. She mainly gave advice.  Cornflower's costume is a Cats-inspired Cheshire Cat.  Mariel's is what Rogue from X-men might have looked like had she been a Cat.

What will they do next? I am not sure. I showed them this post, hoping to inspire them. I would love for all of us to make house gowns! Utility, comfort and beauty!


Anonymous said...

Great costumes!

Mrs. H

Katie said...

Thank you! I was surprised at how much work the kids put into them.