Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Great News!

Last Thursday marked one full month of unemployment for the Warrior Poet.  Friday, he received a written job offer from a very good company in his field.  Yesterday, he accepted the offer.  God is good!

This job is at least equivalent to the position he held at his last company.  The reimbursement for expenses is better, which is huge for us.  He was spending a lot on unreimbursed expenses at the old job.

The WP will start his new job on November 28th.  He will have been unemployed only six weeks.  Currently, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, 57% of unemployed Americans are without work for 15 weeks or more.  (The current average is 39 weeks, which seems high to me.  But that's what the table says.)  What a blessing from God that his span of unemployment will be so short!

Over the last six weeks, the Lord provided for us in unexpected ways.  We prepared ourselves for deprivation, but instead we found abundance.  

The kids would probably tell you that we have eaten a lot of beans, and they would be right.  Good thing we all like beans!  But our fridge/freezer is full of vegetables and meat, and our cabinets full of canned goods.  Our other reserves have also been maintained.  I sat at the kitchen table and did arithmetic trying to figure out how it happened.  It did happen, and it works out mathematically.  But I still regard it with wonder!

Ten days ago, I asked for prayer on four fronts , and many responded, both in the comments and privately.  Here are the results of your prayers:

  1. Continued good health:  none of us has had to visit the doctor during this time
  2. Sustained driveability for our van:  it is still running fine.  The emergency brake light keeps coming on when the brake is not engaged, but we have dealt with that problem before, and it is not a big deal.  We will get it fixed next time we have to take the van in for something serious.  (Our van is completely paid off.  We are nursing it along until we get clear of our remaining debt.)
  3. Level heads:  we would still appreciate prayer for this as we make big decisions.
  4. And the biggie-- the Warrior Poet has found fitting employment!

Thank you so much for your prayers, friends.  My favorite blessing is the sense of peace and contentment the Lord gave us.  

As we appreciate His provision for our physical needs, we also see spiritual deficits in ourselves.  Our new prayer is that the Lord will abundantly provide for our spiritual needs as well as material needs, and help us to be faithful.

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