Monday, November 21, 2011

Exam Week: John Bunyan's Holy War

Last week the children took AO/CM exams for Term 1.  I am posting some of their answers this week.

This answer was written by Little La (formerly known as Cornflower).  The book is The Holy War by John Bunyan.  (It is recommended in Year 8, but the girls and I are reading it aloud together.  Little La is in Year 5.)  The exam question is, "Tell how Diabolus took over the kingdom of Mansoul."

Diabolus and his minions set up camp at Eargate, right outside of Mansoul.  Each day a new bad guy would go and tell a speech to the town of Mansoul.  Now, Mansoul was ruled by King Shaddai.  Diabolus was taking over, or, really, succeeding.  When Diabolus stepped up to talk to Mansoul, his speech was very convincing.

"My friends in Mansoul!" he started, "You are such kind, wonderful people!  So true to your King!  But, have you considered why he's not making you kings?  Greed!  Greed!  If you let us in, and help us defeat your King, make me King, I'll let you rule with me!"

Mansoul started cheering.  They were corrupted and let Diabolus in.

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