Monday, November 21, 2011

Exam Week: Fishergirls on the Shore of Tynemouth

Mariel wrote the following answer to the question, "Describe your favorite picture from this term's picture study."  She refers to this picture by Winslow Homer. She wrote her answer in the style of a newspaper article, and took imaginative liberties with unknown details. (I'm not sure what I think about that.)  If you will, imagine yourself as a citizen of Tynemouth:

In this wonderfully proportioned painting, local artist Winslow Homer has captured, in a sepia tone, the authenticity.  Homer, a 48-year-old American, has painted over ten paintings of the locals here in Tynemouth.  This one portrays our mayor's two lovely daughters.  As you know, Elisabyth (on left) is pregnant with her first child, but still loves to help her sister Magdolyn, with the knitting.  "it was a great pleasure and honour to be able to paint these two ladies," says Homer.  "They are the epitome of happiness.  I have given them prominent positions in other paintings."  We love Homer's paintings and hope that he will find the best picturesque places in our little Tynemouth.

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