Saturday, November 05, 2011

Explaining Our Current Situation

As our household economy has expanded by almost a third in the last several years, income has fortunately outstripped consumption.  The same factors that have allowed our income to grow have contributed to ballooning future optimism, promising to spur economic and spiritual progress.

(You have to read the above paragraph in your best intellectual-Scarecrow-with-Brains voice in order to get it.)

On October 10th, the Warrior Poet's boss told him the company that has employed him for the past fourteen years no longer requires his services.  WP has been unemployed for almost a month.  (I did not mention it earlier because I did not know if he wanted it mentioned online.  But he said it was okay.)

I keep bumping up against the fact that I am not anxious, which can only be the result of God's grace.  I am high-strung and tend to overthink things, which usually makes me worry.  I may be panicking next week or the week after, but right now I feel only gratitude for His providence in this trial.

One of the voices currently in my head is that of an old friend saying, "The barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail."  Back in the 90s, our friend repeatedly brought up that scripture from the book of 1 Kings as his family went through a similar crisis.

So far, this has also been our experience.

We appreciate any prayers you feel led to offer up.  Specifically we need:

*continued health for us and the kids
*sustained driveability for our old van
*level heads as we make big decisions
*fitting employment for the Warrior Poet

Thank you, friends.


CAB said...

Continued prayers for you all. We love y'all!

Katie said...

Thank you very much. We feel the good effects of the many prayers!

Willa said...

Praying! I know several families in this situation and we have been there too. I will add your family to my regular prayer list. Praying also for graces to come through the situation.

Katie said...

Thank you, Willa. We have received encouragement from many friends irl who have gone through the same thing. Lots of people have dealt with this trial in the past few years.

JCrew Mama said...


We're praying for you guys. I've been following your blog again, although I haven't really been commenting. I always appreciate your honesty. I miss you, and being able to talk more often! So thankful we can stay in touch this way. Love you!

Katie said...

Thank you, JCrew Mama. I miss you too! We will have to get better about emailing or something. ;o)