Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A description by Triss:

The sunset strikes the tree, turning some leaves copper and some golden. Olive-green sprouts are interspersed among them, giving the tree a variegated look. The trunk bends slightly, like an unstrung bow. A spider climbs up, and back down, and up, and back down, spinning and spinning her spiraling web. A sparrow darts to the tree. “Come here! Come here!” he calls imperiously to his mate.

“What for? What for?” she responds tartly. He shows her an old nest, deep in the branches and obviously unused. She picks over it and turns up her beak. Flying higher, she peers down through the tinted leaves at him and insists, “Up here! Up here!”

“Too high – too high!” he complains, but follows her. The tree stretches its branches to allow them room as they begin their long flights back and forth – will the tree win their favor or no?

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