Thursday, September 04, 2008

J.S. Bach's Magnificat

Links for folks doing composer study:

Commentary on each portion of the Magnificat.

Wikipedia entry.

A short biography for kids.

I have been playing the piece for the kids some in the mornings, or around dinner time, the last couple of weeks. Today we listened to each section individually, reading the Latin text and English translation in between each. The kids kept their hands busy cutting and pasting old bits of calendar to cardstock while they listened.

I sang the music to the 'Sicut Locutus Est' in choir while I was in school, but the words were different. Does anyone know if Bach used this musical setting in another of his works? I can almost remember the words we sang, but not quite.

Update: I just remembered, the text we sang was "Honor and glory be to God in the highest, Hallelujah..."

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