Saturday, September 06, 2008

Family Personalities

We took the Humanmetric personality test last night (found the link at Mrs. Happy Housewife).

Mr. Honey and I are INTJ Rational Masterminds. (I guess this is proof that married people really do develop similar personalities!) My Thinking tendency was very slightly expressed, though, so I guess that means I think only a little more than I sense.

Cornflower is ISFJ-- a Guardian Protector. (I can't believe she let me ask her all seventy-two questions. I interpreted some of them for her, so that might have influenced outcome.)

Mariel is ISFP-- an Artisan Composer. (A free spirit! We didn't need a personality test to tell us that, though.)

Triss is ESTJ-- a Guardian Supervisor. Her Extrovert and Sensing tendencies were only slightly expressed, so perhaps Triss is almost half-and-half introvert and extrovert, with a balance between sensing and thinking.

It always impresses me the way the Lord places people in families. We have so much to offer each other.

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