Thursday, September 11, 2008


butterfly 001

Introducing Spunky Butterfly.

From larva:


To pupa:

caterpillar 007

Through mishap and adventure:

Spunky had a little Accident

Sunflowers 004

To adult butterfly:

butterfly 001

I'm walking in an open field
Looking for some space to fill
I believe there's something left to hold
So even when the sun goes down
And there's no one around
I'm standing in the freedom of my soul
And the truth of the matter is still the same
It's that you and I, we will not be here forever
The truth of the matter is still the same
I'm ready to stand
I'm ready to stand

--Bebo Norman

(Cornflower found Spunky this morning before 7 am-- she says we have an open house for butterflies. He had come out in the night and we missed seeing him emerge. We made that habitat just in time-- yesterday! I could tell by looking at the translucence of the chrysalid that he was coming out soon. Here is a good site for finding and nurturing your own caterpillars to butterflies. It even includes instructions for making two kinds of habitats from scratch. Our habitat cost us only $1.29-- the cost of the tulle.)


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

What a great I know your family will not forget. I'm sure no one ever gets tired of seeing the miracle of God's creation. :)

Thanks for the great link to the butterfly habitat info...I'm filing that one away.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

SeƱora Smith said...

We are clapping our hands for you over here! The caterpillar we tried to "raise" last week died after 2 days... I think he was not in good shape when we found him, though...

And, Mariel, you handled the unfortunate accident so very well! I love your narration of the event, and your maturity in understanding what could have been the potential consequence. Isn't God so tender to show us His mighty hand even in the life of a little butterfly?

Thanks for sharing this with us!