Monday, August 04, 2008


I don't want to go into too much detail, but would like to praise the Lord a little for His mercy toward us regarding our finances.

I had four last things on our homeschool supply list that I needed to purchase: an algebra book, a book on writing poetry (The Roar on the Other Side), a metronome for Mariel (ours works intermittently), and the next Apologia curriculum for Triss. I had $58 in that bucket, which I figured would just about cover the algebra book alone. I had space in next month's budget for the Apologia, which we don't need until Sept 2, but I wasn't sure what I would do about the other two needs. I looked at the poetry book as less of a necessity, but cringed every time I thought about putting it off, because Triss is doing so well with her poetry.

Tonight, I was able to purchase everything but the Apologia curriculum with that money. Everything. I am still amazed. And it took exactly all of it, isn't that funny?

We also had a pretty tight weekend where food and gas was concerned, but we made it through with prayer and cooperation and a little shuffling of envelopes. I have been praying a lot more now that I am not throwing my hands up and spending money without thinking when we need something. We had a dentist appointment on Thursday and several dental-related expenses fell into my lap that I hadn't counted on. I just sat in the car and prayed, "Lord, I can't wait to see you take care of this, because I know we can't!" (I found out the next day that Mr. Honey, who is in a commission pay structure at work, had a very good month. We should be fine.)

I hope this isn't too much detail. But I want to document the ways the Lord blesses us through this process. I just know the novelty of 'living like no one else' is going to wear off, and I want to place Ebenezers in the blog for us to refer to when we forget about the Lord's past provisions.


SeƱora Smith said...


You are SO right to do this! We had a little financial surprise last night, too. Our meatless pasta dinner did not leave enough for my dh to take a lunch today (almost enough, but not quite) and then a neighbor brought us a box of chicken. She had arrived at the store to buy one little portion right as they were about to throw it all out, and the man sold her 21pieces of chicken for $4! So she shared her bounty with 3 other families, and we now have lunch for all of us. God always provides!

Emily said...

Katie, how encouraging! The Lord truly blesses the obedient. It's good that you're keeping track of his faithfulness.

By the way, which Apologia program do you need? I have one up in the attic that has been sitting around since my son finished it a few years ago.

Still praying for you....keep pressing on!

Katie said...

She is studying Apologia Physical Science this year. If you have it and the answer key, we would love to buy it from you in the next few weeks! I have had the hardest time finding any used Apologia materials.

Katie said...

It *is* great to see the little ways He helps us, isn't it?

Thanks for the encouraging words, ladies!