Friday, August 29, 2008

Being Spared

Today on our way home from errands, rain began to spatter down on the farm-to-market road we were travelling. It was very sudden. I was approaching a line of cars waiting at a stop-light as the rain started, and did my customary slow-down. But with the oil quickly rising out of the asphalt in response to the rain, my slow-down wasn't enough. My car began to skid and the anti-lock brakes kicked in. The kids said, "What's that? Mom, what's that?" and I was concentrating on not hitting the coupe in front of me. I pumped the brakes and forgot to steer into the skid and prayed that we would not hit that vehicle. We came *so* close. So close. But we didn't hit it. We stopped just inches-- it may have been two inches-- it was so close. I was sure we were going to hit. Thankfully, we were spared that.

We had to wait several minutes for the light to change, and as the girls and I discussed rain and tires and what hydroplaning is, I wondered if the person in front of us realized how close she had come to being in a fender-bender? It illustrated to me that sometimes we just don't know what we have been spared.

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