Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Thought

We get to do Bach for twelve whole weeks!!


(I did already know that, but it just sunk in this moment, kwim?)


Emily said...

Ahhhh...Bach! He's part of the family around here. :) My husband just blessed me with the perfect gift for my birthday: Bach's Brandenburg Concertos performed by The Academy of Ancient Music on period instruments. I confess to not following AO's composer study last year when we started Y1 because I love Bach so much that we began with him. I don't mind doing twelve more weeks at all! Do you have Opal Wheeler's book? I found an old copy online. I love how she included piano pieces as my daughter began studying last year and she's learning Minuet in G right from the book. ~happy sigh~

By the way, about the Apologia course: I have to go and rummage around a bit since it wasn't where I thought it was in the attic. It may be on a bookshelf somewhere, but I know we still have it. I believe it is the Physical Science but I remembered that it is on CD-ROM. Is that okay with you?

Katie said...

Hi, Emily! Yes, I sure do love Bach. We don't have Opal Wheeler's book, but I believe it is online. I got a couple of biographies from the library today, and one in particular looks wonderful. It starts with a story of Bach playing one of those "newfangled pianofortes" at a gathering in the home of Frederick II, and is delightful!

Thanks so much for offering your Apologia! Don't go to the trouble of rummaging, though. It looks like we are going to have that covered from some other kind friends who aren't using theirs at the moment, so that need has been taken care of.

Thanks again!