Monday, June 23, 2008

Scrapbook Update II

I spent tonight going through some loose photos I got from my parents for the album. Some highlights:

Katie's Two Great-Grandmothers 1969

My great-grandmothers on my dad's side (1969). I faintly remember them. Great-Grandmother I. (standing) used to let me sit by her at church. I loved to stroke her velvety soft, wrinkled hands.

Grandmommy and Katie 1970

This is my grandmother (Dad's mom) holding me when I was tee-niny. My dad was in Vietnam and my mother was living with my grandparents.

Granddad and Grandmommy 1972

Here are my grandparents a couple of years later. That is my two-year-old head in the lower right corner.

Christmas circa 1975?

Fast forward a few years-- this is my brother and me at my grandparents' house for Christmas. Can you believe all the stockings? My grandmother made one for every single member of the extended family.

Singing School circa 1976

California Singing School, which we attended every year. I think this picture was taken around 1976 or so. I am the one on the far right in the black-and-white checked micro-mini.


Javamom said...

Do you have photoshop? I can fix some of the ripped ones, if you have some that you'd really like repaired. The one of your great-grandmothers would be such and easy repair with the "clone stamp."

Let me know!!

Katie said...

I don't have photoshop. I would love for you to look at a few of these. I have one of me being baptized that is in awful condition (a box of pictures fell off a moving truck when my folks were moving several years ago) and I am not sure it can be restored-- the damage is across faces. And I have another which is peeling away from the paper in spots.

Thanks for offering!