Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pray for California Firefighter Families

No prayer is made by man alone;
The Holy Spirit pleads...

I just received this from my aunt. Her son and son-in-law (my cousin and cousin-in-law) are both California firefighters. Please keep these brave men and women in your prayers as they fight back these fires in California, or wait for their loved ones to return home. (I apologize for all the ellipses, but I was trying to preserve some privacy.)

Our son-in-law ... left early this morning with a strike team ... to go up to the wild fire in Butte. He along with 3 other ... firefighters will go in on the front lines to help fight this huge wild fire. [Their] fire dept. already has two other strike teams there. Please keep [them in your prayers.]. Right now California has over 800 fires burning and most of those are from Monterey County to the Oregon border. Our son ... told us last night he will most likely be in the next group of firefighters from ... that will go. Most of these fires were caused from lightning strikes from a "Dry" thunderstorm we had last weekend. The hot weather we had caused the weird weather and we are suppose to have the same weather again this weekend so we could have more lightning strikes and more fires.

Again please keep all the firefighters and their families in your prayers. It is not easy on these families to see a loved one go into these fires and not hear from them for a week or longer.

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