Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Packing Progress Post IV

We got Mariel's and Cornflower's room decluttered a bit. I went through their clothes and now know what they have-- it looks like all we need are new flip-flops. We also made quite a good harvest of Legos and hair bands!

I thought Javamom would enjoy this picture of the sweet linen dress she and her daughter passed down to us. It fits Mariel perfectly! Mariel added the collar and her straw hat.

Speaking of dresses-- now that I know what we have, it is time to get out the ironing board. Tomorrow we will get our clothes in order for singing school!

Triss is very excited and has already packed quite a few of her things. I am going to ask her to set up the two tents in the backyard so we can make sure that we have everything we need.

The girls are baking Snickerdoodles for the neighbors this afternoon. They are moving, and have always been very kind when Thumper the rabbit has gone into their yard.

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Javamom said...

It is lovely and I'm so glad it fits!! Praying that you all have a not-too-hot week, but also that you make good memories :-).