Friday, June 20, 2008

Scrapbook Update I

I mentioned in passing in a previous post that I am putting together a scrapbook of my parents' first four decades of life together. Last night I got the first nine pages done except for lettering and journalling and I am feeling a big sense of accomplishment as well as enthusiasm for the project! I am having a lot of fun putting together patterned and plain papers and making the colors and pictures tell the story.

I feel like a child with a new toy. The pages look so pretty I have to keep opening the book and enjoying them again. Why did I dread doing this?

I'm planning to put a lot of time into the project in the next two weeks, as I won't have as many outside obligations as usual. I want to hand-letter the titles and things, and that makes me pretty nervous, but I am following a friend's advice: "Just get things in the book. If you make a mistake you can always fix it or cover it, or even start over with new papers and new copies of the pictures."

The Lord keeps showing me that I haven't yet lost my (prideful) perfectionistic tendencies! I'm so thankful He continues to give me opportunities to rest in His mercy and grace, and simply do my best, matter-of-factly dealing with mistakes as they happen.

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