Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Packing Progress Post III

Yesterday we did some preliminary shopping and I made lists and a menu for this week and weekend. We went to six different stores looking for a Triss-robe but found nothing pleasing. We are going to try again on Friday. I have one she can borrow, but it is old-ladyish. We have agreed that she will take that one if we just cannot come up with anything else.

I should have made her a robe.

We did not get to Mariel's and Cornflower's room. That is high on the agenda today. I haven't gone through their clothes and shoes in awhile and am unsure of what they have. Our shopping trip yesterday was punctuated with small assertions of need which I have yet to verify. Some of these items may turn up when we go through things today.

We aren't planning on going anywhere, although I have two piano students coming this afternoon-- and the kids are expecting their favorite Spanish teacher. ;o)


queen shenaynay said...

The dress code says robe, but almost all the teenage girls simply take a zip-up hoodie and toss it on to make the trek to the ladies' room.

I take a big denim shirt myself.

Katie said...

Excellent. So-- sweats/leggings, and then put a hoodie on to count as a robe? Do you think that will fly if she is walking down the Hill to our family campsite instead of sleeping in the girls' area?

She actually has a knee-length robe that she really likes. What if she wore that with sleep pants?

I just don't want to get all the way out there and have Kathy or Sister Helen say she must wear a long robe and we don't have one. I guess I could pack both of mine just in case.

queen shenaynay said...

A long robe is not necessary -- the knee length one is fine. The rule is really to circumvent any problem with the few girls out there who sleep in shorts or short gowns. Most of the girls sleep in sleep pants or sweats, which means they are quite decent in a hoodie. Kathy is used to the hoodie solution, and she realizes that cool teenage girls hardly ever own robes these days.

Katie said...

Excellent. Thanks so much for your advice, QS. :o)