Friday, September 07, 2007

Tea and Shakespeare

I have a new use for this blog.

Tomorrow we are going to have a tea party and begin reading Twelfth Night by Mr. William Shakespeare.

I am putting this out on the blog ahead of time to reduce the likelihood that I will forfeit the treat in the interest of efficiency and just plain getting things done.

This is called blog-accountability. LOL.

(Hold me to it, ladies! Didn't I see a Tea Tuesday something-or-other going around the blogosphere? Perhaps that can be my deadline to post pictures.)


Javamom said...

Have you had the tea, yet? We used to do this...need to make it a habit, again, even if the older two are gone working a lot.


Mother Auma said...

No, we have not. :( I think it is going to be high tea. ;o)

Mother Auma said...

Okay, we did it! We had to have a tea-supper, but we did it!

Javamom said...