Monday, September 10, 2007


It is rainy and somber this morning, with thunder rumbling in the distance. They say it will last all day and into tomorrow, and after the rain it will be Fall.

When I was in high school choir we sang a song that always come back to me when we have an all-day rain. The music is quiet, hushed, calm. It sounds just like a rain shower. I could not find the words or music online, and cannot remember all the words, but here are some I do remember:

Rain falls, soft rain at my window
Giving all the trees a quick, friendly bath
Washing afternoon dust from my wide garden path
And the columbine are bending their heads in the rain...

..While the rain is falling there's a quiet hush about the world...

While the thunder's calling there's a quiet hush about the world...

My parents have been purchasing raw almonds and seasoning and roasting them at home lately. Mr. Honey and I tried the same thing this weekend. Mmm, there is something so tasty about hot-from-the-oven almonds! I think we will make some today. They will go just right with the rain.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the words/music to that rain song EVERYWHERE. I googled it, and yours is the only entry. Do you have ANY idea where I could find it??

Katie said...

I did the same thing and came up with nothing. If you really want to find it, you might check a supplier of school choir music. Sorry I can't be of more help!