Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Relative Temperature

My poor Texan children are begging me to get down the winter clothing. It is a "chilly" 67 degrees this morning, with a beautiful cool breeze. Mmm, delicious. I am in capris and a t-shirt, and Triss has on a T and leggings-- but Mariel and Cornflower are bundled in tights, long-sleeves, sweaters and mittens.

"Mama? It was so cold outside that I could feel it through my tights!"

"Me, too!"

I could not convince them that they would feel overheated in those clothes by the end of the day, when it reaches 82. We have been living in the heat too long!


Mommaofmany said...

My little Lambies often ask for a fire when it is in the 60's in the morning. I have the windows wide open and am enjoying the chance to air out the house before the temps soar again. They're funny little things, aren't they!


Mother Auma said...

Yes, they are! But I am almost as silly when I open all the windows in the winter to let in the 50-degree or colder winds. I get tired of being so stuffy! Then we really *do* need sweaters and mittens.