Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Habit is Ten Natures"

I think I have our basic daily routine down to what will work for all of us this year. I changed it a couple of times, trying to find a balance between needful duties and our own family and personal work-and-rest rhythms. This layout reflects what kept happening despite my efforts to manhandle the routine into something more rigorous. Some might say it is still too rigorous; to those folks I reply that we don't always keep to our routine (for instance, I am blogging this morning, which "ought" to be an afternoon activity!) but here is our track to run on. When things begin to go south at our house, we can look at this routine to remind ourselves not only to "do ye next thynge," but what "ye next thynge" is.

Evening Routine

5:00 Prep for supper and evening relaxing (includes zone and bedroom chores)
6:00 Supper and clean up; lay out necessary books, papers, equipment for the next
7:00 Family time (schoolwork if necessary; Girl Scouts and church will take up
some evenings
8:30 Mariel and Cornflower bedtime
9:30 Triss bedtime

Morning Routine

6:00 Get up, dress completely, make bed
7:00 Coffee, tea, Bible and journal
7:30 Make sure kids are up, start daily chores
8:00 Breakfast, family circle activities
9:00 Home economics
10:00 School
12:00 Lunch with artist/composer study

Afternoon Routine

1:00 School
4:00 Home activities if school is finished (includes phone calls, mail, chores,
baths, playtime, lesson planning, blogging—in that order. Some days we
have additional activities scheduled as well.)


Susannah said...

Love how you put the evening routine first! I should do that! I usually neglect it, but prep for tomorrow is one of the most important parts of the day.

Mother Auma said...

Thanks! I cannot take the credit for such a great idea-- I got it from both Flylady and the SizzleBop website!