Monday, February 19, 2007


"Get up, girls," I said as I walked through the hallway turning on bedroom lights. Silence.

"Come on, girlies. Big doin's." Nothing.

I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a cup of coffee.

"Get-i-up, Get-i-up, get-i-up-up-up..."

They let me go through the entire Lone Ranger Getting Up song.

Finally, I looked at my feet. I was wearing sandals for the first time in months.

"Girls!" I singsonged. "It's going to be seventy degrees today!"

"Yah-hooo!!" This simultaneously from three different rooms.

(Don't tell the California relatives, but we may make Texans yet.)

Now, shine on me sunshine,
Walk with me, world~
It's a skip-a-dee-doo-dah day!
I'm the happiest girl
In the whole USA.

A virtual ice cream sundae to anyone who can remember the artist who sang that song.

(And sprinkles on top if you can tell whether I used "who" and "that" correctly in the previous sentence!)


queen shenaynay said...

Donna Fargo?

Phyllis said...

If you never got FeedBlitz figured out, FeedBurner seems even better! At least, the emails they send out are nicer. That's what they use at
I know nothing about setting it up, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

queenshenaynay is correct. It is Donna Fargo. Now, for the next virutal Ice Cream Sunday; who sang that song and Delta Dawn non-stop from CA to OK and back the summer of 1972?

Mother Auma said...

Er, that would have been the little dibbun Auma, age 2. And the forbearance of the parents and grandparents was amazing. ;o)

Phyllis, you guessed it. I have abandoned Feedblitz. I could not figure it out. I have been using Bloglines for my own feeds lately. I'm not sure when I will have time to explore any other options, but my RSS is open and able to be accessed through Bloglines.