Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Beginnings of Kings and Other Things

I am going to post on the science fair soon (they each took third in their divisions) but right now I want to share an unsolicited written narration by Mariel, age 9. This is the first written narration she has done, I think.

(When I asked her if I could post it to the blog, she said that would be fine and that I ought to correct it first because it wasn't very good English. I asked her to make her own corrections and I would publish it as is. I had her look it over before I hit "publish" and she wasn't satisfied with her spelling but said I could post it.)

Saul was king of Israel and David won meny Battles for him and Saul was Jelsus [jealous] of him and he seeks to kill David. David Ran and Hid from Saul, but all the Peaple didn't want Saul to hurt David so the son of the king, (whose name was Johnathen) who was David's Friend and he helped David Run, But later in a Battle Johnathen was killed.

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