Sunday, February 11, 2007


I do enjoy hearing the dryer as it revolves clothes in the quietness of evening. Secure in the knowledge that several loads were folded and put away yesterday and three loads today, I contemplate the possibility of caught-up laundry on the morrow. Two days ago I didn't even know when (or if) we would be caught up. This is a restful evening.

Just thought I'd share.


amywitt1 said...

oh to know what that is like...

Amy Jane said...

Ditto to above-- only not as frequently as I would like. :-)

Just beginning to investigate CM as a possibility for my young family. Your blog provides an interesting snapshot.

Thank you.

Mother Auma said...

Amy, I didn't quite make it to caught up last night, but I could see the laundry room floor, which is a definite improvement. :O)

Amy Jane, I tremble to think that this blog might be thought to represent a CM education. (I am flattered too!) I was too bold in titling it when I was a CM/AO newbie. Since then I have realized that I mostly do something kind of like CM.

Have you found the AO blogring yet? Look on my sidebar and you will see "AO/HEO bloggers". If you click on that, you will see a lot of ladies attempting to implement CM philosophies in their homes. (Perhaps you have already found it.)

Two blogs I especially like for this are The Common Room:

and Higher Up and Further In: