Friday, February 02, 2007

Annie Does Not Make Such a Good Elocutionist

Cornflower is a big fan of Annie Oakley, especially the stylized Annie Oakley of "Annie Get Your Gun" fame. But as a result she has unwittingly picked up some Western vernacular.

I recently realized that every time she tries to say "for" it comes out "fer."

The other day she read, "God shows that he loves us by all that he has done fer us."

I pointed and said, "What does that say?"

She said, "Fer."

Well, needless to say, this became a habit with her before I caught it. Not only does she read "for" as "fer", she also says "fer" for "for" in conversation.

Tonight, as we got ready for the older kids' big day tomorrow (science fair, and are they excited/nervous!), Cornflower wanted to know to what time she should set her alarm.

(Yes, they have alarms. Isn't that awful? All three of them have alarms and they set their alarms to seven every school day so we can start at the same time each day. In theory at least. No, we do not take advantage of the homeschoolers' luxury of sleeping in. Call me Too Strict and Not Relaxed Enough, if you like, but there it is. Even the 6 year old has an alarm clock. So she makes it to breakfast on time and I do not feel like a short order cook all morning in between math and history. We also have morning together time which she would not like to miss, as it contains not only Bible lessons but recitation, singing and poetry, all favorites at our house. So we have Our Little Routine and like it very much, except for the getting up on time part. But I digress.)

So she came to me and said, "Mom, what time should I set my alarm fer?"

I said, "For."

"Four?!!" she cried.

"What-time-should-I-set-my-alarm-for," I repeated. "Set your alarm for six. We have to leave at seven-thirty."

I am going to have to pay more attention to her pronunciation. Any and all suggestions on how to get her excited about fixing this word would be much appreciated. Mr. Honey is going to make me a list of enunciation techniques he learned when he was a student at American Conservatory Theater.

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Barb said...

We have one at our house that makes me crazy. My boys say "ta" instead of "to".

"I am going ta go outside."


How do these things happen?

Although, I have to tell you that my daughter, age 21, is in Ireland right now and she has been told that she has a very concise English "accent". They also are impressed by her vocabulary so I guess that it all sort of works out in the end least I am hoping.

Harmony Art Mom