Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Oh, I miss my coffeeee!!!! My lovely, sugar-sweetened, cream-tinted coffee!! My precious, my precious...


Anonymous said...

where is your java, my dear? what has happen to it? ;( you can have some of mine if you'd like ;D

have a great evening.

Mother Auma said...

Oh, I promised myself I would cut way down on sugar, and I only like coffee with cream and real sugar in it. :(

I'm doing great, but I had a weak moment this afternoon.

Queen Shenaynay said...

Stash Chai tea is a hearty enough brew to help the java withdrawals. A couple of tiny drops of agave nectar makes it bloom. Doesn't need much.

Hurry, MA. Get thee to the tea aisle! Much sympathy - BTDT.

Mother Auma said...

I will try it. I've been drinking Constant Comment without any sweetener, which is fine as far as it goes, but it didn't keep me alert yesterday afternoon.

Agave nectar? I wonder if they sell that at the Kroger.

Queen Shenaynay said...

mayyyybe. it's a whole foods item. it's the consistency of honey, but it doesn't impart a honey twang to stuff. just sweetens it.

Just Here For Now said...

AH!! You can do this! I did this! I gave up sugar and still had my coffee- here's how --
I had read the book Sugar Blues. And from that I learned that sugar coats your tongue and you need to go two weeks without it to get rid of the need for the taste ...
Went two weeks without my coffee (and all sugar products)
and two weeks later when I tasted my coffee with sugar, I just about spit it out from grossness!
Then I fixed my coffee with cream only, and wonderful! I've been drinking my coffee that way for 31 years!

Good Luck to you ~
Miss Roxie