Friday, January 12, 2007

Little Known Fact

You cannot focus on your schoolwork while simultaneously reciting nursery rhymes. Just ask my kids.

Cornflower found a Beatrix Potter nursery rhyme book and CD at the library yesterday and it is wonderful. But not conducive to study. Unless you want to memorize nursery rhymes. Which we do, being ladies who enjoy playing with little ones.

Oh, Mr. Pricklepin
Oh, Mr. Pricklepin
Has never
A cushion
To put his pins in!

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, well... I've been here before. Ü

I clicked on your link from AMBLE RAMBLE... and was going to comment on this statement of yours.

"I take from this that we are to nip rebellion in the bud immediately, always remembering that "the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God." We are under authority to treat our children right, but ah! the children are under authority to obey their parents!"

Right on sister! Ü Great thought, and thank you for sharing.

I'm a member of paperback swap -- so I'm going to go beef up my wish list with a few of your suggestions.