Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We awakened this morning to find a(nother) dusting of white stuff on the ground. The kids were very excited and promptly went outside to play. I stayed in the house and wondered where it came from. We have already had a couple of days of winter weather. It's supposed to stop after a couple days when you live in Texas, right? You don't mean to say that we have to get used to it? After all, I wouldn't want the novelty to wear off.

I was freezing. I just couldn't get warm, but I'm stubborn and didn't want to raise the thermostat above 65, so I made hot tea.

We were out of several staples, including eggs, fruit and vegetables (and hot chocolate). I hadn't gone anywhere since Saturday morning and really didn't want to go anywhere today, but after I got the big girls started on some schoolwork, I loaded Cornflower into the car and we drove slowly to the store. There was snow and ice along the sides of the road and in the center turning lanes. When we got there, I cautioned her to be careful in the parking lot, as the ground was very slushy. She stepped out of the car and laughed. "It's like walking on a smoothie!"

The kids are having a blast with this weather.

There were boxes on boxes inside the store. Apparently they had just gotten a shipment of food and were beginning to refill the shelves. They were bare in strategic areas-- duraflame logs, hot chocolate, saltine crackers, chicken broth. I got the last of the store-brand chicken broth and hot chocolate. (I know, I should make my own chicken broth, but it doesn't come out strong enough, it tastes watery, and then my family won't eat the good soup I make for them.) We paid for our groceries, loaded the van and drove home. The center turning lanes were wet rather than snowy on the way. A bank thermostat stated that it was 32.4 degrees, which I thought was good news. It was only supposed to reach 30 degrees today.

All of our activities for yesterday and today were cancelled. Tomorrow the children are supposed to take (appropriately enough) their first ice skating lesson.

My parents are in Hawaii. They left a week ago Sunday and are due back this Saturday morning. They picked a nice time to go. When they call, they make sure to let me know that the weather there is sunny and in the 80s. They are snorkeling and buzzing volcanoes in biplanes and lying on beaches.

It's just cold here. I tell them I am letting the kids slide on the ice and pick icicles off the car. After all, fun is what you make it.

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