Thursday, June 16, 2011

When Children Love to Learn: Preface

Some of us are reading When Children Love to Learn this summer. I borrowed the book, so I cannot mark in it! I am keeping a record of notable quotes, etc., here instead. :) Please feel free to comment if you want.


My narration:

We have a long tradition of literary education to follow, with the one difference that ancient literate civilizations educated an elite few. At least some of those civilizations dehumanized certain segments of society.

The Hebrew idea of being human, on the other hand, consisted of being made in the image of God. Other cultures only allowed that kings or other important people might be made in the image of a god. Because we are made in the image of God, we have an obligation to know the law and act upon (that is why we all need education!). This idea was prevalent in Western society until recently. Our kids’ worth is in Christ, not in achievement or aesthetics, or even virtuous behavior.

This scripture came to mind:

“[Jesus Christ] hath made us kings and priests to God…” Revelations 1:6a

Notable quotes:
“We offer no technique, but rather the simple proposition that children are best educated by adults…who are themselves in a lifelong process of learning and subject to the same duties and freedoms within a Christian worldview.” (p. 13)

“Miss Mason was profoundly Christian, rooted in scripture, and immensely practical. (p. 15)

“…form and freedom (a phrase Dr. Francis Schaeffer used to describe the proper tension between the reality of moral law on the one hand and individual freedoms and creativity on the other).”

“She was sharp in rejecting the false ideas of child-centered “freedoms” popularized by Rousseau and followers of the Romantic movement…” (p. 16)

“This is education for a purpose and not a status symbol.”

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Joy for today! said...

nice. Our group just finished reading that book this last year. It is a good one.