Thursday, June 02, 2011

Math and the Student Whisperer

In the “personal experience” section of The Student Whisperer, Ms. Earle details a conversation she had with a student in which she explains that math is more than the systematic concepts we are taught in our textbooks. It is a philosophical search for truth. She is right. So much is left out of math courses these days-- ideas that would humanize mathematics for those that struggle.

At our house, we use math textbooks and systematic curriculum. I teach concepts in a logical progression. But we also read living math books as much as we can, eventually including Euclid and Newton. (I even found a book of math poetry, ha!) I am NOT a math person, but as a result of reading some of these books, I have a compelling desire to push through my computational and conceptual issues so that I can understand all aspects of this search for order in the universe. Because God likes math. How about that?


KayPelham said...

"God likes math." God made math. God is math :) Math and music remind me of the God of beauty and order.

I look forward to reading the Euclid and such in later years with James. (Or maybe I'll get there before he does.) These guys understood the beauty of math and it wasn't all about balancing your checkbook or getting a great paying job as a CPA. I blogged here about the beginnings of reading a book called NUMBER:The Language of Science. Thank you for the reminder that I need to get back into it.


Katie said...

That sounds like a good book, Kay. I'm going to put it on my books-to-buy list.

One of my favorite composers is J.S. Bach. I think his music embodied the order of the universe. I love it.

I do not love math. But Bach reminds me that I ought to. ;o)

KayPelham said...

Bach is the man! The very steady pulse with clear chord progressions and the beautiful notes weaving in and out of them. Order and beauty.

Katie said...

I'm looking for a 'like' button on your comment. Haha.