Saturday, December 30, 2006

Of Dragons, A Lion and The Utter East

Reepicheep is my hero.

And the saving of Eustace reminds me of this song:

I love my Saviour, God
Because He first loved me
Because He shed His precious blood
To set my spirit free.

'Twas love my bosom felt,
And made me wipe mine eyes,
When low before His throne I knelt
To pour my feeble cries.

Touched by His dying love,
I melted into grief;
Swift on the wings of love He moved
And brought me sweet relief.

With my whole heart I love
The God who loved and bled,
Who left the shining realms above
And suffered in my stead.

Who can forbear to love
A God so good and kind?
Sure He is worthy to be loved
By me and all mankind.

--Author Unknown

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