Monday, December 18, 2006

Fi--ve Gol--den Ri-i-i-ngs!!

I just heard the funniest rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I giggled all the way home from the grocery store. It was the Muppets. Each Muppet got his own 'day.'

(If we ever decide to sing the Twelve Days of Christmas like the Muppets, I want to be Miss Piggy, 'kay? Because I'd like to revel in the resonance...)

Really. Find this tune somewhere. I have asked Mr. Honey to find it on his online music site. It is so cute. They even let Beaker have a turn.

(Mama Squirrel has found a site that describes A Muppet Family Christmas. I don't think I've ever seen this special.)

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Queen Shenaynay said...

We mostly like the part where Miss Piggy, in one of her more burlesque moods, grinds out "Ba dum dum dum" after "five gooooolden riiiiings." I confess that's the way we sing it around here...

We taped that Muppet Christmas special with John Denver from tv way back in the late 80's, and just as the tape was disintegrating, it came out on dvd. You really have to see it sometime.