Monday, December 04, 2006

If You Give Your Mom Some Bubble Bath

I wrote this last year on our previous blog, and it was well-received, so I thought I would share it again this Christmas. It is inspired by true events. Truth is stranger than fiction, right?

("If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" and other "If You Give A.." books are written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond.)

If you give your mom some bubble bath, chances are she'll want a candle to go with it.

So you'll open the hutch and search for the pink scented candle you gave her last year.

While you are digging through the hutch, she will notice the table runner she meant to iron for Christmas.

She'll send you to set up the ironing board, while she pulls out the table runner and gets the iron.

On her way through the bathroom to get the iron, she'll remember she wanted to clean that bathroom this morning.

She'll ask you to run for the spray cleaner and paper towels.

When she begins taking things off the counter, she will see a bottle of nail polish, and recall the promise she made to your little sister to give her a manicure.

You will run and get your sisters, and all have a girly time getting pretty.

While everyone's nails are drying, your mom will glance up at the ceiling fan and realize it is covered with dust.

She'll ask you to go get an old pillowcase and the tall stepping stool.

She will clean all the ceiling fans in the house.

When she is finished, she will head to the laundry room, intending to wash the pillowcase.

On her way she'll realize she needs a break.

She'll detour through the kitchen to make coffee.

She'll need you and your sisters to sit with her and drink hot chocolate and giggle.

When everyone's finished, she'll remember a quote she wants to post on the blog.

She'll ask you to dig through your books to locate it.

You'll bring her the quote from your schoolbook.

When she sees the book, she'll remember how much she enjoyed that one when she was a girl, and will pour herself another cup of coffee and regale you with her fond memories.

It'll move her to tears.

She'll ask for some tissue to dry her eyes.

While waiting for the tissue, she'll begin to shiver (the thermostat is set on low).

Shivering will remind her that she likes being warm and cozy.

Warm and cozy will remind her of a fire...

A fire will remind her of a candle...

And she'll send you to the hutch to dig out her pink scented candle.

And chances are if she asks for the candle...

She'll want her bubble bath to go with it!

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Kathryn Judson said...

Too fun. (And soooo true.)

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