Saturday, November 03, 2007

Personalizing Bede

Triss: Last night I dreamed that Little Turtle [Triss' good girlfriend] and I went to Bede’s house. He was very nice, he was a lot more interesting than his books, and he had a very nice wife and two boys that were mine and Little Turtle's age, and we all played together.

Me: You know he was a monk.

Triss: Yes! But he wasn’t in the dream. He didn’t even live in that time period in the dream!

His house was in the same sort of area that the Adams' [friends from church] house is, kind of a wood sort of place, kind of like a forest, and it had an enormous backyard. The house itself was sort of like those Dutch paintings that are all reddish gold sort of light. It was a cozy sort of house. I think it was one story because that was the only story we were on. It was laid out a little like our old house. The boys and Little Turtle and I all played in the backyard and I vaguely remember that we had a play battle of some sort. Then we all went to the park and then Little Turtle and I went to the store where we found Bikkle [a young friend from church] in with the picture frames.

Me: Dreams are so weird.

Triss: Yes, they are.

Bede was sort of like Daddy and Goggy and Brother Chris all rolled into one. And he looked a lot better than the picture we saw of him on Wikipedia.

Me: This is so funny to me, because when I was planning your school, I was sure you wouldn’t like Bede, and I thought Birth of Britain would be much more to your taste. But you’re dreaming about Bede and dreading Birth of Britain. I guess I don’t know your mind very well.

Triss: I don’t know my mind very well! And I don’t really like to read Bede, but I liked him in my dream.


G.L.H. said...

My eldest daughter (age 32) loves Bede, and took his name for her confirmation name. I sent her a link to your post--she'll love it!


Mother Auma said...

Thanks, Barbara!

I must say I was floored to find out my science-and-nature child was dreaming about history. It's usually squirrels and bunnies and gerbils.