Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bloggy Thankfulness

Mama Squirrel is encouraging everyone to nominate some lesser-known homeschool blogs, and I want to get involved. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out where to place my nominations. (How someone as computer illiterate as I ever came to blog is one of the wonders of this desktop publishing world. I quite impress my friends, you know. I cannot function in Excel, I cannot open attachments, but, yes, this girl can blog. After a fashion.)

Oh, okay. I decided to try one more time, and realized this post is the form. Light dawns on Marble Head. You scroll down to the bottom of the post and leave your nominations in the message, right? That's what I have now done, so hopefully that is correct.

Here are the blogs I have nominated:

Best Curriculum or Business Blog: A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief

Best Family or Group Blog: The Common Room

Best Cyber-Buddy: Dewey’s Treehouse

Best Encourager: The Beehive

Best Teen Gal: The Heart of Flame Therein

Best Crafts and Projects Blog: The Heart of Harmony

Best Homeschool Mom Blog: Higher Up And Further In

Best Variety: Take Time To Smell The Coffee

Best Artistic Content Blog: Wittingshire

Best Unschooling: In a Spacious Place

Best Homemaking: Mrs. Happy Housewife

I have a Bloglines account and currently have 63 feeds on it, so these are just the tip of the iceberg. It's safe to say that these and a few others are the blogs I read every time I see that they have been updated. And sometimes I look at the unhighlighted blog name on my Bloglines list and wonder, "Is everything going well with them? I haven't seen a post in awhile." I don't comment on posts very often and, yes, I read from my feeds and not the blogs themselves a lot of the time. It's quicker. I do like to comment, but then I get stymied about writing just exactly what I want to say, and a lot of times I cannot figure out just exactly what I want to say in less than ten minutes. So I limit my comments to when I really cannot resist or when I know I have quite a bit of time (that happens rarely).

I really appreciate the ladies who take the time to share thoughts and ideas with the rest of us. Thanks so much for blogging!


The Witts said...

Aw, thank you!

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks! I'll happily be your Cyber-buddy. :-)

JacciM said...

63!!! Good gravy!!! That's a lot of blog reading :) I'm assuming you don't get to half of the most of the time. Thanks for taking the time to visit my little ole virtual home. I soooo appreciate the comments.

I got a good chuckle out of your "ME teacher, YOU student" comment. In spite of myself ;)

Thanks for the encouragement!


Mother Auma said...

Yay! I have a Cyber-Buddy!

Willa said...

Thank you, Mother Auma! I didn't get around to nominating anyone this year, but if I had, your blog would have been on my top list. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

julieunplugged said...

Thanks for the nomination!

I don't know these awards very well so I'll bet our community doesn't either. :) I appreciate your getting the word out though. :)

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Thanks for the nomination....I just took the time to see who else was nominated in those categories and it humbles me to be in their company. :)

I am so glad that you benefit from my blog, I really enjoy keeping it up.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom