Saturday, October 07, 2006


We came home from Missouri with a new little bunny. Her name is Thumper. She belonged to our friends who just moved to Missouri, and unfortunately they are not able to keep her right now, so we gladly took this housebunny. (Yes, she is housebroken!)

There is something surreal about going through our daily routine and seeing a little rabbit hopping through the house. "Oh, there goes a rabbit through the living room... Look, she's gamboling past the bookcases... Oh, what a charming little bunny!" We have quite gone through the looking glass. I'm keeping my eye on the chess pieces.

She is a sweet little thing, and comes and bumps against our feet, and sometimes she jumps, leaps and gives little thumps to add a little variety to her hopping. She is white with brown and dark grey markings and little lop ears. She sprawls out and relaxes wherever we are studying. She is a literary and a musical rabbit, though I cannot recommend her taste, as she enjoys nibbling on music, lesson books and post-it notes indiscriminately. We have prudently learned to place only the spiral bound lesson books on the bottom shelf.

Like Peter, she sometimes gets herself into trouble. We have barricaded the lamp cord and place floor plants on tables when we let her loose. We also have to guard the peat moss in the fake ficus, as Thumper thinks it is a delicacy worth stretching for.

If anyone had told me ten years ago that we would someday allow a bunny to live inside our house I would have said, "Never!" But that was before we knew Thumper. She makes us smile. It is very hard to maintain a bad mood when a fluffy little bunny hops past and just flips herself around for pleasure. In fact, it is hard to maintain a straight face when a bunny does that, because it looks funny. Sort of like Rabbit had a change of heart and became Tigger.

I will post pictures soon.

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