Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sandwiches are Beautiful

"I have to leave the house at six o'clock tomorrow morning."


I hoped the Warrior Poet wouldn't mention sandwiches.  I get to sleep until 6:30 every morning.  His schedule is more erratic.  Some days he leaves early, some days he leaves late.  But he usually needs a sack lunch, and for some reason it is very important to him that I make his sandwiches.

That was last night.  He did not bring up the topic of sandwiches.  This morning I heard him moving around.  "I should really get up and just make them," I thought.  But, yuck.  I didn't have to get out of bed yet.


Suddenly the bed moved.  A furry animal was shoved in my face.  "Hey," said WP.  "Skittles wanted to say good morning to you."

Skittles leaped off the bed and went to inspect the bathroom sink.

"He doesn't love me," I said.  "He's a naughty cat."

Obviously, the WP was getting ready to leave.  I must be in the clear.

"Sorry about the sandwiches," I said, snuggling further into the covers.

"Oh, I was actually coming in to let you know I still have a few minutes.  You have time to make them!"  He smiled as if he were giving me a gift.


"Mmm... Or you could make them yourself.  Then I could stay in bed."

"Oh... okay."  He left the room.

I suspect some of you are thinking how horrid I am for not getting up and ironing his shirt, making him a big breakfast and sending him off with a gourmet sack lunch.  (He is totally worth that much effort, btw.)

Others are probably thinking, "What's the big deal about sandwiches.  Does he not know how to make a sandwich?"

That was my line of thinking as I argued with my conscience.

"But, Lord, it's just a sandwich.  Really?  He needs me to make his sandwich?"

He LIKES you to make his sandwich.  It makes him happy to know you made it.

"But I want to stay in bed!  I still have time to sleep..."

But he needs a sandwich made with love when he goes out in the world to slay dragons...

"No.  I am not getting out of this bed to make a sandwich."

Hmm... will you be able to live with that decision later?

Argh.  I got out of bed and went to the kitchen.  WP stood in front of the refrigerator tapping on his phone.  "Oh, hi," he said sheepishly.  "This is as far as I got.  But you still have time."

Haha.  I made him his sandwiches-with-love.  My knight went off to battle, sandwiches safely stowed in his lunchbox.  I had a cup of coffee, wondered at the blessing of sandwiches, and felt happy.


North Laurel said...

What a wonderful post! Love it! I read it out loud to my kids also- they appreciated it as well :)

Katie said...

Thanks, North Laurel! I'm honored that you read it to your kids.