Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Highlights

LittleLa got to meet her favorite radio personality

Caroling at the Adolphus

Ladies about Town
We thought TX had big ornaments... but they had these in CA too

Favors for Christmas-light-night

On BART in NoCal going to the Nutcracker

Auntie La (and Aunt Li) took us for tea at this charming shop!

Christmas tea (the blue sign says "Keep Calm and Carry On")

We were very pleased to see this little cutie and her brother!

At GG Dad's house

We had very nice weather (that's my dad on the left)

She's got her own kind of style

The Warrior Poet rushing to gather with family

This one has a sort of Norman Rockwell feel...

The biggest blessing of the year...
Christmas with my grandparents.

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