Sunday, October 23, 2011

Narration Excerpt: Mere Christianity

And this is my favorite narration from Mariel this week.  "Jack" is C.S. Lewis:

Jack found that some people were very disturbed that Jesus had said, “Be ye perfect.” They thought that that meant that “Unless you are perfect, I won’t help you.”
Jack gives them an allegory. When he was a young boy, he had toothaches a lot. When he was in bed at night and he would have these toothaches, he would wait until the pain was terrible, and then go to his mother for pain killer. But when he did that, he knew that he was running the risk of his mother taking him to see the dentist on the morrow. And Jack did not like that dentist. All he wanted was immediate relief. But when he ‘gave’ his mother an inch, she took a foot, or an ell, as he says in the book.
God is like that. In the 13th chapter of Matthew, Jesus tells his disciples the reason he tells parables. “I tell parables because the people who listen have no ears to hear with, no eyes to see with, and no mind to understand. And they don’t want to understand, because they are afraid that they will have to repent and reform. Only the willing ones can interpret my parables.”
Jack says that God requires everything in your life to be surrendered to him, not just parts of it.

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