Thursday, October 27, 2011

LTW Journal 10/27

(Part of an ongoing series detailing our Lost Tools of Writing adventures.  Previous posts here.)  

Today we began the Arrangement portion of Lesson 3.  After introducing the types, we came up with some exordia for our practice essay.

(The issue is whether Boromir should have tried to take the Ring from Frodo.)

1.  If everyone was against you, would you still hold your opinion?
2.  Can all tools be used for good?
3.  Do you know the definition of pragmatic?
4.  Imagine being in a forest, chased by a tall dude trying to take the ring you inherited from your uncle.
5.  Consider having the fate of a world in the palm of your hand.
6.  80% of Men are prone to greed.  Nine of these men are Ring Wraiths.  One of them is Boromir.
7.  Only three Hobbits have held the Ring.  Two of them have been consumed.
8.  "It is a gift, a gift to the foes of Mordor.  Why not use this ring?"  --Boromir

(The kids thought of all but #3.  That one was mine.)

Now I am off to work on my own essay exordium while watching the Texas Rangers with the Warrior Poet.  :)  Here we go, Rangers!

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