Sunday, September 25, 2011

LTW Journal 9/25

I seriously questioned my set-up this week.  My two students have different needs.  I wondered if I was serving them both adequately by teaching them together.  The LTWMentor yahoo group helped me decide what to do for now:  I will keep introducing the lessons to both of them together with discussion, and then give as much individual help as necessary.  It is okay for one to go deeper than the other.  I am going to have Cornflower sit in on the intro and discussions too.  She will learn a lot.


I find myself thinking of everything in terms of Invention, Arrangement and Elocution.  It's a fun new game:

In math--  Invention is uncovering questions to be answered, Arrangement is placing terms in the proper formula, and Elocution is the (hopefully elegant) solution. 

In piano--  Invention is the combination of tones and rhythm, Arrangement is phrasing and dynamics, Elocution is touch and artistry.

In personal relationships-- Invention is discovering connections, Arrangement is good manners, and Elocution is warmth.

(I am either embracing the three canons or imitating the medical student that diagnosed his friends with every disease he studied.)

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