Thursday, September 01, 2011

LTW Journal 9/1

Today we moved on to the first Elocution lesson. This week was supposed to be Arrangement, but the kids grasped the outline very quickly.

In Elocution the student takes the outline she made in Arrangement and fits it up with proper words. We started by describing what is meant by a 'sentence'. Then they were supposed to turn the thesis and points into complete sentences and string them together.

"Okay, give me one of your points as a complete sentence."

"They are complete sentences."


I looked at their outlines, and it was true. The only two items in the outline that weren't already complete sentences were the issue (beginning with "Whether...") and the enumeration (represented by the number 3). So we decided to skip Elocution this time and start with Lesson 2 next week.

I can only assume that the complete-sentence-outlines are the result of years spent reading and narrating. As Aravis said, the girls are used to answering in complete paragraphs. Even complete sentences seem somewhat sparse.

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