Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Post

I have started a new set of books and want a list to help me understand that I do stuff during the day when it feels like I am casting about here and there and not getting much done.

By myself:

1) Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard

With the kids:

1) We just finished the book of Exodus
2) and are starting Leviticus (with Matthew Henry's commentary)

3) We're also reading the Gospel of Matthew
4)  and Job.

5) Emma by Jane Austen
6) The Life of Crassus by Plutarch (I'm not sure I like him)
7) The Holy War by John Bunyan (not Paul Bunyan... the WP always kids us about him)

With Cornflower:

1) This Country of Ours (1800s)
2)  Book of Marvels by Halliburton (The Occident)
3)  King Arthur by Howard Pyle
4)  The Sciences by Edward Holden (I don't feel coherent enough to write study notes at this point)

With Mariel:

1) Ourselves by Charlotte Mason
2)  The New World by Winston Churchill
3)  Secrets of the Universe by Fleisher

With Aravis:

1) Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain
2) Ourselves by Charlotte Mason (2nd book)
3) A History of the American People by Paul Johnson

With Fine Arts co-op:

1)  As You Like It by William Shakespeare

There.  :happysigh:  That is where the time goes.

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