Monday, May 31, 2010

HEO Year 9 Term 3 Exam Questions

(Based on the HEO Year 9 book list from Ambleside Online and the ideas of Charlotte Mason)

1. (Bible) “A double-sided humility…” What does Gary Thomas mean by this?

2. (Bible) How did God fulfill his covenant with Abraham? (The historical record of the covenant is found in Genesis 15.)

3. (Bible- full essay) Write an essay on the purposes of the church.

4. (Writing) Write ten lines of poetry from memory.

5. (Composition) Write a poem, in blank verse (that must scan), on one of the following: John and Abigail Adams, the duel of Hamilton and Burr, or the correspondence of Jefferson and Adams.

6. (Composition- full essay) Write an essay, in the style of Charles Lamb, on some aspect of our trip to Natchez.

7. (Literature- full essay) Discuss the role of superstition and divination in "Julius Caesar".

8. (Literature) Explain the satire in _Tale of a Tub_.

9. (History) Turn in your Century Chart for the 1700s.

10. (American History) Describe the career of George Washington, his take on the role of civil government, and his power as "Father of his Country".

11. (American History) Give a sketch of John Adams’ career.

12. (American History) Describe the condition of the U.S. when the Constitutional Convention met in 1787.

13. (Citizenship) What do you have to say about drunkenness, gluttony, and slothfulness? Discuss temperance, soberness and chastity.

14. (Citizenship) Why did Brutus participate in the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar?

15. (Citizenship) What qualities should we look for in a member of the U.S. Congress?

16. (Geography) Give some account of South Africa with a map (you may trace or copy the map, but put in major cities and bodies of water).

17. (Geography) Name and describe three countries in Africa.

18. (Geography) What do you know of Mark Twain’s manner of life while traveling? What parts of the world did he explore in _Following the Equator_?

19. (Picture Study) Describe your favorite Monet painting from the following pictures: Terrace at St. Adresse, Women in the Garden, Jean Monet on His Hobby Horse, Tulip Fields in Holland, The Waterlily Pond

20. (Drawing) Draw an original illustration from “Julius Caesar”.

21. (Drawing) Draw a still life of a plant in our yard.

(Please note that there are no questions on grammar, mathematics, science or foreign languages. I left them out because we used other means of evaluating those subjects this term.)

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