Monday, May 31, 2010

AO Year 6 Term 3 Exam Questions

(Based on the Year 6 book list at Ambleside Online and the ideas of Charlotte Mason)

1. (Bible) Compare and contrast Abraham and Isaac.

2. (Bible) What are the purposes of the church?

3. (Writing) Write 2-4 lines of a poem you have memorized this term.

4. (Dictation) In your best penmanship, write down a passage that Mom will dictate to you.

5. (Composition) Take one of the character qualities highlighted in _Never Give In_, show how Winston Churchill exemplified that quality, and explain how you could incorporate that quality into your life.

6. (Composition) Rewrite one scene from Shakespeare’s _Julius Caesar_, substituting current American leaders for Roman leaders, and current events for historic Roman events.

7. (Composition) Describe Frank Osbaldistone. What is he like?

8. (World History) Describe an event from Roman history. Who was involved?

9. (World History) Describe a famous person from the time of Augustus Caesar. Include his or her deeds, and whether he or she acted justly.

10. (World History) Describe four of the following religions:
a. Islam
b. Judaism
c. Hinduism
d. Buddhism
e. Taoism
f. Confucianism
g. Zoroastrianism

11. (World History) What do you know about the following ancient civilizations?
a. Egypt
b. China
c. India
d. Persia

12. (Natural History/Science) When did Galen live? Give a sketch of his career as a doctor.

13. (Natural History/Science) Define the following chemistry terms:
a. affinity
b. solution
c. chemical combination
d. chemical compound
e. combustion

14. (Natural History/Science) Explain bread-making in scientific terms.

15. (Natural History/Science) Why does the wind blow?

16. (Natural History/Science) What is a glacier and how is it formed?

17. (Geometry) Define the terms listed on the next page.

18. (Picture Study) Describe your favorite Monet painting from the following
pictures: Terrace at St. Adresse, Women in the Garden, Jean Monet on His Hobby Horse, Tulip Fields in Holland, The Waterlily Pond

19. (Drawing) Draw an original illustration from “Julius Caesar”.

20. (Drawing) Draw a still life of a plant in our yard.

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