Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thoughts on the New Term

Today is the day. I need to figure out what is going and what is staying for the remaining twelve weeks or so of school. (It is actually more like fourteen or fifteen weeks, but we are taking a couple of breaks in that time.)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am reading Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's book, _For the Children's Sake_. I plan on narrating out a couple more chapters, too, because evidently I just don't get it. I have sensed that I don't get it for some time now, and had started rereading Macaulay before I found this statement by Cindy, regarding Ambleside Online Years 1 and 2. We aren't in those years anymore, but the spirit of this statement exactly fits my situation:

You can read everything you need to read in a 1 to 2 hour period. If it takes longer than that or if you are tempted to add workbooks, you don't get it. Go back and read Susan Schaeffer MacCaulay or Charlotte's Original Series.
The hardest thing about the liberal arts or a Charlotte Mason education is: not adding the superfluous in order to make your mom feel better.

My job today is to discover and eliminate the superfluous, and purpose to sink our teeth into what is left.

I think one of the reasons I am not willing to leave well enough alone is that we are not having enough communication as a family where ideas are concerned. Thus, I crave "parlor tricks", rather than attentively and serenely tending the children's education.

I think doing more along the lines of Morning Time, a la Cindy, will help us reestablish lines of communication. So I am off to research this. But for now, I leave you Cindy's post on Homeschooling the Freeborn. Much food for thought there.


Mrs. H said...

Thanks for this post. I have been struggling this year with yr 7, yr 3, and yr1 (well we're actually following LindaFay's book list for those younger years.) students and a toddler! I feel like I am trying to fit in too much, especially for this season in life. We are half way through term 2 in yr 7 and just limping along with the others. It is time I think to step back and see the big picture again. I keep trying to remind myself what I want them to learn the most in our homeschool - to love God and each other. It seems the more I cram into the school day the grumpier we all get and nobody is showing love. Some days I feel terrible when my oldest says he wants to go to school just to be away from us :( I want him to enjoy his family and learning, but obviously I am struggling to find the balance here!

Sorry to ramble on - I have no one here that I talk to about homeschooling! I love Cindy's blog and the post you mentioned. I wish she was able to post more!

I will be watching to see what you decide ;)

Mrs. H

Katie said...

Thanks for the comment, Mrs. H! I have made some decisions but haven't had time to post. Maybe soon.